Corso professionalizzante NI LabVIEW Core I - Contenuti I parte


I contenuti della prima parte (A) del corso  (LabVIEW Core I) sono:

 A.1) Navigating LabVIEW

  • The LabVIEW environment including windows, menus, and tools
  • The LabVIEW front panel and block diagram
  • Creating and using LabVIEW projects
  • Understanding the dataflow programming model of LabVIEW
  • Searching for Controls, VIs, and functions


 A.2)Troubleshooting and Debugging VIs

  • Using the LabVIEW help features including the Context Help, the LabVIEW Help and the Example Finder
  • Correcting broken VIs
  • Using common debugging techniques
  • Addressing undefined or unexpected data
  • Implementing error checking and error handling


 A.3)Implementing a VI

  • Designing a user interface (LabVIEW front panel)
  • Choosing data types and displaying data as a plot
  • Using structures like the While loops and For loops
  • Adding software timing to your code
  • Making decisions in your code using case structures
  • Documenting your code


A.4) Developing Modular Applications

  • Basics of modular programming
  • Creating an icon and connector pane
  • Using a VI as a subVI
  • Creating subVIs from an existing VI


 A.5) Creating and Leveraging Data Structures

  • Creating and using array controls and indicators
  • Implementing cluster controls and indicators
  • Using type definitions to define custom controls for applications


A.6) Managing File and Hardware Resources

  • Understanding File and Hardware Resources
  • File I/O
  • Acquiring Measurements with a DAQ System
  • Controlling Instruments


A.7) Using Sequential and State Machine Algorithms

  • Using Sequential Programming
  • Using State Programming
  • State Machines


A.8) Solving Dataflow Challenges with Variables

  • Communicating Between Parallel Loops
  • Writing to Controls & Reading from Indicators
  • Variables
  • Local Variables
  • Race Conditions
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