Corso professionalizzante NI LabVIEW Core II - Contenuti II parte


I contenuti della seconda parte  (B) del corso  (LabVIEW Core II) sono:

 B.1) Moving Beyond Dataflow

  • Asynchronous Communication
  • Queues
  • Event-Driven Programming


B.2) Implementing Design Patterns

  • Design Patterns
  • Simple Design Patterns
  • Multiple Loop Design Patterns
  • Error Handlers
  • Generating Error Codes and Messages
  • Timing a Design Pattern
  • Functional Global Variable Design Pattern


B.3) Controlling the User Interface

  • VI server architecture
  • Property nodes
  • Control references
  • Invoke nodes


B.4) Advanced File I/O Techniques

  • File formats
  • Binary files
  • Technical data management streaming (TDMS) files


B.5) Improving an Existing VI

  • Refactoring inherited code
  • Typical issues when refactoring code


B.6) Creating and Distributing Applications

  • LabVIEW features for project development
  • Preparing the application
  • Building the application and installer
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